Ten Tips For a Memorable Day

Your perfect wedding begins with great manners. Begin by keeping your ceremony short and sweet. Your wedding is not the place for a lecture, a sermon, or even hold your audience captive while musical talents are showcased.



Get organized. While the engagement process is an exciting time, you will soon be up-to-here in preparations for your future wedding. Purchase a binder with tabs and a calendar to help you get organized. Keep all of the response cards you receive back from guests so that you can triple-check your guest list. Keep track of appointments and dates with your calendar.


Music is an integral part of our lives and can remind us of a person, place or thing. If you plan to have dancing at your reception, hire an amazing DJ or band.  Or put on your own music show. First check with the venue to see what kind of music system it has and if it is compatible with an iPod or other device. This option will take more of your time and planning, but boy can you dance when you’re not paying to boogie.


Heels vs. flats? Sandal vs. white satin pump? You might be able to find a gorgeous shoe that you actually will wear again. There are many websites that offer free shipping and returns so shop away and discover your new options. The right shoe is out there for you. This tips works great for grooms, too. 


An awkward hand placement can ruin a perfect photo. Have your groom place one hand behind you with the other holding your hand. Your other hand can then rest on your lap. The kiss on the cheek photo is a must. It’s a classic pose. It’s somewhere in between intimate and playful, so pick your best side and pucker-up.


Mar Jennings is a lifestyle expert and the host of Northeast Living on Fox CT.