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Bride's Guide to Gratuity: Whom? How much? When to do it? Here's a cheat sheet to make tipping a painless process

Tipping vendors and wedding service providers can be tricky. Here’s guide to whom to tip, how much, and when during the wedding day to do so.

Hair Stylist/Makeup ArtistHow Much: 15 to 25 percent; 30 percent if work done on-site When: Time of serviceCeremony MusicianHow much: $20 to $25 per person When: After the ceremonyDJHow much: $50 to $150 When: At the end of the night or within a few days with a thank-you noteWedding PlannerHow Much: 15 to 20 percent When: At the end of the night or within a few days with a thank-you noteOn-Site CoordinatorHow Much: 15 to 20% of the food and drink fee (usually between $100 and $300) When: At the end of the nightWait Staff/BartendersHow much: $20 to $30 per waiter and $25 to $40 for each bartender, depending on the type of bar service, if not already included in your total price When: At the end of the night (give the money to banquet manager)Rental Delivery PeopleHow much: $5 to $10 per person When: Time of serviceOfficiantHow much: Often a donation to the house of worship – anywhere from $100 to $500 – will be made in lieu of payment/gratuity. For nondenominational officiants, anywhere from $50 to $100 (on top of the fee) or an invite to the reception is a nice gesture. When: After the ceremonyDriversHow much: 15 to 20%, often included in the contract When: Time of service

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