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Just Say No To Pre-wedding Shenanigans And Plan A Bachelor/ette Party That's Personal And Plenty Of Fun

Just say no to pre-wedding shenanigans and plan a bachelor/ette party that's personal and plenty of fun

Declining a Wedding Attendant Invite

Expert advice for how to politely pass on being a bridesmaid or groomsmen

Bowing Out, Gracefully

Turns out you can't be the attendant your promised to be. Here's how to handle it

Jewelry Gone Wild

Funky pieces add personality to the bridal party

Delightful Designs

Delightful Designs

Two new dress lines offer fashionable bridesmaid alternatives and take wedding gowns to the masses

Modern 'Maids

Modern 'Maids

Smarts brides know that a happy, well-dressed wedding party is the best accessory