Brooklyn Storm Preparations Underway
Tonight on 55th Street in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, you can still see the snow from the city's last big storm. So far we've seen just a few flurries, but Brooklyn is ready for battle.

In Brooklyn tonight PIX 11 News saw some snow plows already on the road, and we also saw some of the hundreds of plows getting ready citywide to battle the coming storm. Here's the Mayor's promise this time: as soon as there's enough snow to plow the plows will get out here. For now, though, most wait at the ready at sanitation facilities like the one we saw in Sheepshead Bay.

Things got really bad in Brooklyn in the aftermath of the last huge storm. The Mayor says one problem last time was that the city didn't hire enough people and equipment in advance to clear the snow. So that doesn't happen again in Brooklyn or elsewhere the city says 200 private plows have already been lined up, and the call has gone out for day labor to help shovel the upcoming mess.

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City officials are making sure to keep expectations realistic. Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty told reporters, "I think in all honesty, the way that snow is going to come down particularly just before daybreak that there's gonna be streets that will not have been plowed. or may have been plowed earlier in the storm and more snow came down and they don't look like they were plowed and it means that (people will) have a difficult time getting out of them."

When asked if this new storm presents an opportunity for redemption after the last blizzard embarrassment the Sanitation Commissioner told reporters "well it's not so much to redeem ourselves. I think we have a good reputation. we dropped the ball once, and we're gonna be back at the top of our game tonight." The Sanitation Commissioner says the cost of the cleanup is not the issue tonight. He says the issue is to get the job done better than the last time. Many New Yorkers would almost surely share that sentiment.