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FOX CT Forecast: Another Day Of Heat And Humidity

Hot and humid conditions continue to dominate. Is it a heat wave? Depends on if your town officially hits 90 for three days in a row.

Tuesday may be the third day for some, but others will miss out by one or two degrees. Still, it will be hot and sultry, with little if any relief on tap in the form of showers. An isolated storm may bubble up later in the day, but it’s not very likely.

There's a slightly better chance for scattered rain on Wednesday and Thursday, as the heat continues, at least until the weekend.

Extended Forecast:

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, very warm. A bit less humid. High: 85-90.

Wednesday: Patchy early morning fog gives way to lots of sunshine. Hot and humid. High: 85-91.

Thursday: Mostly sunny, hot and humid. Chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm late day. High: 87-93.

Friday: Lots of sunshine. Cooler and less humid than recent days. High: 78-83.

Saturday: Sunny and warmer. Not too humid. High: 80-85.

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