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FOX CT Forecast: Humidity Rising, Highs Near 90

After a brief break from the humidity, we’re back to the more uncomfortable air this afternoon. We’ll be in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees, and it will feel even warmer and stickier. The air quality on the shoreline is fairly low as well, with an air quality alert issued by the CT DEEP today.

A widely scattered shower is all we’ll likely get for relief, but there’s more rain on the way Thursday, as a cold front comes in from the northeast. The front will bring rain late Thursday, and cooler, less humid weather for Friday and into the Labor Day holiday weekend. Highs then will be in the low 80s, with no rain in sight.

Today: Early fog/clouds in spots break for sunshine. Hot and humid. High: 85-91.

Thursday: Hot and humid. Sunny to partly cloudy, chance for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm in spots. High: 86-92.

Friday: Partly cloudy, cooler and less humid than recent days. High: 78-82.

Saturday: Abundant sunshine. A bit milder but the humidity remains low. High: 80-85.

Sunday: Warm/hot and humid with sunny skies. High: 85-90.

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