Kiahuna Golf Club

Kiahuna Golf Club is among the courses in Kauai, Hawaii, that don't cost a pot of gold to play. Accompanied junior players are charged only $10. (Kiahuna Golf Club)

Before the economy tanked, my favorite golf getaway spots were also the most expensive golf getaway spots in the land: Las Vegas, Hawaii, Scottsdale, Ariz. Prices have declined, but there still are many ways to drop $200 or more — in some instances way more — on a round of golf.

Fear not. On a recent trip to one of those faves, the Hawaiian Islands, and Kauai in particular, my wife, Terri, and I took it upon ourselves to find good golf that is not expensive golf. We are pleased to report that, no, you don't have to sell your kids to play golf in Kauai. Heck, you can even include them.

Kukuiolono Park and Golf Course


The word: The greatest cheap golf experience on Kauai — maybe anywhere.

The freight: A buck a hole, so for $9 you're good for the entire day. Yep, give 'em a 10 and they give you change, play until your legs give out or you run out of balls. Another $9 for a cart, per nine played; schlep your clubs, save money, lose weight.

The back story: A sugar magnate donated the course and park in 1919 to the good people of Kauai. Pop by his grave by hole No. 8 and say thanks. If your traveling compadre doesn't golf, many folks visit the park to walk, jog or check out the gardens.

The course: Mother Nature provides most of the water, which isn't much, but they water the greens — and who doesn't like fast-running dry fairways that make us feel like Bubba Watson? The shoulders are broad, and greens tend to be on the small side. The whole thing sits on a promontory with awesome views of Waimea and Niihau to the west and Poipu to the east.


Wailua Golf Course

Coconut Coast

The word: Muni golf, as owned by Kauai County. Easy on the wallet. Real golf. Couple of passes by the crashing surf.

The freight: $48-$60; half-price after 2 p.m. $20 flat-rate for a cart. (Show up before 1 p.m. and you may have the place to yourself before the deal birds flock in.)

The back story: For many years this was one of the nation's most acclaimed public courses and hosted several United States Golf Assn. events. Public budgets being what they are, something had to give, so the place isn't as buttoned-down as it once was. Apparently the county can't land a concessionaire to sling burgers and brews.

The course: Those are facts, not a diss. Wailua is the island course visitors play as frequently as the Wailua-loving locals do. Thoughtful doglegging, a surprising amount of elevation on the back, sweet greens, an all-Hawaii par 3 in No. 17 that plays down to the water's edge, trade winds; what else is needed?


Puakea Golf Course


The word: High-value, high-quality Garden Island golf. (Have the grill's ahi poke wrap.)

The freight: Peak rate is $99, including cart, to as low as $59 in midafternoon. Last summer we caught an advertised rate of $79 for morning play.