Adventure World Warsaw

An artist's rendering of Adventure World Warsaw. (Adventure World / July 9, 2012)

The $800-million Adventure World Warsaw theme park set to break ground July 21 will feature lands dedicated to mythical creatures, ancient legends, fantasy worlds and Polish history.

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Located about a half-hour southwest of Warsaw, the 240-acre resort is expected to debut in 2015 with a theme park, indoor water park, retail center and two hotels. About a third of Adventure World will operate year-round with the remainder of the theme park open from March until October.

Netherlands-based Joravision Themeworld Wizards, which is designing Adventure World, has worked on projects at Tivoli Gardens (Denmark), Efteling (Netherlands), Walibi World (Netherlands) and Futuroscope (France).

Laid out around a central lake, Adventure World will be divided into six themed lands with a total of 25 rides. While most of the planned attractions have been finalized, several of the ride names remain working titles.

Visitors will pass under a hotel to access the park's bazaar-like main street entryway before reaching a central hub with spokes leading to the various lands.

The Middle Ages-themed Castle Island will teem with knights, witches, dragons and magicians telling the stories of King Arthur, Merlin and Robin Hood. Among the attractions:

> Merlin's Rainbow Hunt - A Vekoma mine train roller coaster identical to Calamity Mine at Walibi Belgium.

> Magic Bikes - A Zamperla MotoCoaster with broomstick-styled trains.

> Storm's River - A Hafema river rapids ride traveling through a castle and past a fierce dragon.

> Magic Brooms - A spinning flat ride with a cauldron at the center and ride vehicles themed as witches hats and broomsticks.

The Creature Lagoon kiddie land would feature cyclops, satyrs, phoenixes, unicorns and other mythical creatures that play pranks on visitors. Adventure World officials are still in negotiations with an intellectual property group that would provide characters for the land. Among the attractions:

> Pegasus Taxis - A Vekoma junior coaster.

> Monster Splash - A dragon-themed Mack Rides Twist 'n' Splash tea cups-style attraction armed with water cannons.

> Cyclops Fall - A Zierer junior freefall tower.

> Satyr Swinger - A Zierer wave swinger.

> Jumbo Ride - A Zierer octopus ride with bird-themed ride vehicles.

> An elevated pedal-powered ride similar to Sky Cruiser at Legoland California.

The Land of Legend blends together ancient Mayan and Egyptian folk tales and myths. Among the attractions:

> Challenge of Lord Ra - An Egyptian-themed Vekoma junior boomerang coaster.