Igerwatch ends with fireworks, 'Star Wars' jokes, no news

The Disney rumor mill was moving at hyperspeed Saturday. The story, which got a big push from Twitter, purported that Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger and Lucasfilm mastermind George Lucas would appear Saturday evening at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park to make an unspecified announcement.

OK, that could make sense on some levels because Disney World had designed Saturday as one of its Limited Time Magic promotions at the Studios, a day saluting "Star Wars" in keeping with the growing trend spawned from this Jedi-inspired pun: May the Fourth Be With You. Among the events planned were special, end-of-night fireworks. The rumor had Iger and Lucas speaking before the pyrotechnics. It was a perfect storm of Disney and "Star Wars" enthusiasts.

Cue the speculation about the topic: Star Wars Land at DHS? Casting of the Episode VII movie? Changes for the upcoming Star Wars Weekends at the Studios? Along with the hopes came Twitter jokes involving Jar Jar Banks, Starbucks, Avatarland and Duffy the Disney Bear. Eventually, #igerwatch became a top trending topic on Twitter.

And then what happened? Fireworks. They lit up the sky but (spoiler alert, spoiler alert) there was no Iger announcement. If he was there, he didn't address the masses.

After reality set in, most fans took it well. "It was a trap!" remarked several wags. That's how 2013 rumors roll, I guess. Below is a collection of Saturday tweets with their Twitter handles in parenthesis and more or less in chronological order.

It has been confirm by 2 of my guest Relations manager friends that George Lucas and Bob iger are here at HS for a huge Announcement (‏@Mike_Gaspar )

It's confirmed. Bob Iger is at Hollywood Studios for an announcement today between 7-7:45PM. #StarWarsLand ( ‏@Kryptonlogic )

•Several CMs claim they have seen Bob Iger and George Lucas. Not sure what to believe at this point... (‏@WDWNT)

•#igerwatch I wouldn't want to be working at Guest Services tonight. Especially if the announcement is weak (‏@Unger47)

•Whatever Bob Iger is going to announce, it's gonna be huge! Like Fun Spot. #IgerWatch (‏@THEjpsmooth)

•My dreams would come true with a #StarWarsLand at #WDW #HS! #Igerwatch has me excited. Don't build me up, buttercup! (‏@DeltaDawn)

•Tonight Bob Iger announces "Screw Potter we got Starbucks" #igerwatch (‏@JamboEveryone)

•Iger announces Avatarland to be rethemed as Endor, Ewoks to run amok in Animal Kingdom #igerwatch (‏@dpjuart)

•Bob Iger to announce the date of Princess Leia's coronation as an official Disney Princess #IgerWatch (‏@Sunset_Shade)

•"Bob Iger announces that Duffy the Disney Bear will play the new villain in the upcoming Star Wars films. #igerwatch" (‏@thedailymouse)

•Remember if Iger comes out of hiding and sees his shadow that means we won't hear another Avatar announcement for 6 months (@servoisnaked)

•What if Iger isn't there and this whole thing was entirely fake? #igerwatch (‏@lego606)

•According to http://theforce.net Lucasfilm is denying any announcement tonight which means this #IgerWatch was a waste of good jokes (‏@BumpyGrumpy)

•"I just scheduled this to see how worked up the idiots on Twitter would get." Iger says, drops the mic, and walks off stage #IgerWatch (‏@scottinwdw)

•At 9:44, Bob Iger will tweet picture of himself at home in his PJs with a drink in hand as he laughs at us all #igerwatch ‏(@Amber_Leigh_D)