Fort Knox of backpacks

Name: Ultimatesafe 32L Anti-Theft Backpack by Pacsafe

What it is: An adventure backpack so secure that I consider it the Fort Knox of backpacks. Ultimatesafe 32L comes with a removable laptop sleeve and a 20-inch portable safe with Pacsafe's eXomesh cage system. The backpack includes slash-proof straps (with metal inside to prevent slashing), smart clasps for zippered security, an RFID-blocking pocket (to prevent someone from stealing ID or credit card information), a top-carry handle, a padded back and a padded waist belt that are adjustable for comfort and support. The waist belt includes a zippered pocket.

The good: I feel so safe traveling with my laptop, cameras, lenses and wallet in the Ultimatesafe that I've almost wanted to encounter a thief just to frustrate him. Even in crowded pickpocket havens, I have no fear. The security clasps for the zippers make it impossible for someone to unzip a compartment without wrestling with a clasp.

The bad: I often travel without the safe pocket on domestic trips because it gives me more room for my laptop and cameras in the large main compartment. I hope the next generation of this great bag has an additional zippered compartment specifically for a 15-inch laptop. The zippered pocket in the waist belt is too small to hold anything but keys or change. Another inch might create enough space for an iPhone in a case.

Cost: $250

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