Gearbox: Hold the phone — and more

Name: The Callet

What it is: A rubbery holder for your BlackBerry or iPhone with pockets on the back to carry credit cards, dollar bills, a driver's license and similar-size items.

The good: The Callet just might replace your wallet. Its no-nonsense design quickly slips over your phone for a snug fit, and it's available in four colors: black, blue, pink and white. Tuck in your money clip, ID, credit cards, mass-transit pass and hotel key for a less bulky way to get around on vacation. You've just reduced your Big 3 items — phone, wallet and key — to one out-of-the-way solution. This is one of those "Where have you been all my life?" products.

The bad: It looks cheap and doesn't come with a transparent cover to protect your phone's screen. It's not intended to absorb shock. If you carry a bunch of cards, the Callet has an extra pocket to accommodate them, but they might make the Callet feel bigger than you're used to when you're wearing shorts. In that case you might find a bag or purse necessary.

Cost: $19.95

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