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Name: SkyRoll Spinner carry-on (men's)

What it is: A well-constructed carry-on suitcase with a garment bag that wraps around the suitcase. SkyRoll's first offering was a shoulder-borne cylindrical case with a garment bag. This is the same concept but in a rectangular bag, which is roomier than the cylindrical model. The men's garment bag measures 20 inches by 48 inches (the women's is 20 by 58), and the suitcase measures 22 inches by 12 inches by 7 inches. There's also a padded interior sleeve for a laptop.

The good: Previously I recommended the cylindrical shoulder bag ($149) for anyone having to travel to a weekend wedding, because a suit stows away nicely in the garment bag, and most dress shoes will fit in the cargo area. Guys with large feet might need a bigger bag. This is it. Some travelers know that rolling packed clothes makes them less likely to wrinkle. Same concept here. A suit or blazer can come out wrinkle-free. I took this on a two-week vacation, on which my wife bought a new winter coat and a dress. This bag was able to accommodate them and my luggage. Plus, the 360-degree wheels made navigation easy, whether dragging the bag or pulling it upright.

The bad: The only wrinkle is that this likely won't fit into an overhead bin on small regional jets. For regular jets, this poses no problem in a bin; in fact, it seems a tad smaller than many bags.

Cost: $299 (men's or women's)

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