Zip-up earbuds keep you out of a major tangle, and they sound good too

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Zippered earphones? They don't tangle and sound great

Name: Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 Never Tangle Zipper Earphones

What they are: Earbuds with a zipper incorporated into the section that branches out into the individual buds. So when packing away, you simply zip up, then wrap the nonzippered part around the zipper. When you pull them out next time, you won't need a master knot-untangler simply to listen to your tunes.

The good: These are ingenious and affordable. What's more, the sound is true, with nice bass and treble. So you're not sacrificing sound quality for a gimmick. The phones come with small, medium and large buds so you can custom fit to your ears.

Also, the buds are angled for, as the manufacturer says, better fit and sound. Whatever, they work. The fit was good enough that I also used them as earplugs on a noisy train even when I wasn't playing music. Holiday note: These are the perfect gift for your favorite travelers, especially if you don't know what else they might like. And these aren't going to break the bank.

The bad: I suppose I would like a longer zipper and smaller cord portion, but this seems to work fine the way it is. It doesn't tangle in the nonzippered portion.

Cost: $24.99

Available from:, and

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