iPad photo card reader

Name: Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

What it is: A card reader that allows users to quickly and easily download photos and videos to an iPad or an iPad mini. After inserting your camera's SD card, you plug the lightning cable into your iPad, and the photo application automatically launches. You can opt to select individual images or download all images. After the import, you can choose whether to keep or delete the imported images on the SD card. The card reader works with standard photo formats, including JPEG and RAW images, as well as standard and HD videos.

The good: When I reviewed my iPad, I griped about its lack of a USB port for importing photos. Readers emailed me that a lightning SD card reader would solve my problem, and they were right. This card reader, plus my Bluetooth keyboard, lets me leave my laptop and pack my iPad for my office needs. The card reader is easy to use right out of the box without consulting directions; just plug and play. Downloading photos is so easy that I often run out of storage space on my 64 GB iPad, because I shoot so much video.

The bad: I wish Apple would either reduce the price or add a micro-SD slot or a USB slot. I've seen lower-priced generic lightning-to-SD card readers online that include an SD slot, a micro-SD slot and a USB port. They aren't as attractive and may not work as seamlessly with an iPad, but they offer more slots for less dough.

Cost: $29

Available from:,, and other big-box retailers.

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