iPad case, power backup

Name: Flight Case iPad Keyboard and Power Case

What it is: Hammacher Schlemmer's durable ABS plastic case for the iPad (second through fourth generations) with a 2.4G Bluetooth keyboard designed for touch typists and a backup battery. The case features a lithium battery that can power the keyboard for 90 hours on a full charge or recharge the iPad and other USB devices using the case's USB port. The case features a switch to turn on the keyboard, a button for Bluetooth pairing and a switch for charging devices. A USB charging cable for the battery is included. The case weighs 11/4 pounds empty.

The good: Flight Case transforms my iPad into a MacBook Air for trips where I can rely on apps and get by without Photoshop. The keyboard has a comfortable responsive touch, and the keys are all properly located for a touch typist. The keyboard includes the Apple Command key for hot-key shortcuts, and the shift keys are full size. The directional arrows are below the shift key in the right corner of the keyboard, so they don't interfere when I depress the right shift key to capitalize letters. The backup battery comes in handy on long flights and in places where no electrical outlet is nearby.

The bad: A light or an audible signal to indicate when the battery is down to 25 percent power would be helpful so you don't run out of power for the keyboard while recharging the iPad. Hopefully, the next generation Flight Case will include some kind of signal.

Cost: $129.95

Available from: and

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