Almost an iPad laptop

Name: ZAGGkeys PROfolio+

What it is: a durable iPad case with a built-in stand and a Bluetooth 3.0 wireless, multicolor backlit keyboard. The keyboard is designed for a natural typing experience on a smaller landscape with seven backlit colors, including red, white and blue. There is an Apple command key and dedicated iPad function keys so users can jump to the home screen, launch a slide show or play music or video with one button. The case fits an iPad 2, 3 or 4, and magnets keep it closed. Its integrated stand positions the iPad at the best viewing angle for typing or reading and watching videos.

The good: This keyboard has a responsive, easy-click touch, and the keys are all in the right place for a touch typist. The shift key is almost full size, and the arrow keys are properly located below it rather than beside it, so a touch typist doesn't have to worry about accidentally moving up a line after capitalizing a letter. The colored backlighting makes the keyboard easy to see in low light. It never needed a recharge on a three-week trip.

The bad: I'd like a kickstand on the back that would allow me to turn the keyboard face down as my base for watching videos or reading when I only need to see the iPad and not the keyboard.

Cost: $129.99

Available from:, and

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