Universal: 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' house set for Halloween Horror Nights

Haunted house based on 1974 horror flick is first announced for 2016's HHN

Universal Orlando has unveiled the first maze of its 2016 Halloween Horror Nights: It will be based on "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre," the classic 1974 horror film. 

Yep, Leatherface is headed back to Orlando. The character was one of the icons -- along with Freddy Kruger, Jason and Jack the Clown -- of the 2007 edition of HHN at Universal Studios theme park. That year " also saw a house dubbed "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Flesh Wounds."

"The horror fan in me is looking forward to reliving this story and entering that dilapidated Texas farmhouse," Michael Aiello, director of creative development for entertainment, wrote in a post on the official Universal Orlando blog on Thursday. "The anticipation of coming face-to-face with a horror legend and having my screams drowned by that saw blade is just as prevalent now as when I first witnessed this amazing horror film decades ago."

The film was the basis for the final house announced for the 2012 edition of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. This year's house in Orlando will be an all-new production, Aiello wrote. 

"You will walk through the iconic Texas farmhouse and experience Leatherface’s kills from the 1974 slasher film," a Universal Orlando news release says. "You will desperately try to escape as the violent roar of his chain saw surrounds you.  You will hear the cries – and see what remains – of Leatherface’s other victims. And you will come face-to-face with Leatherface himself."

The 26th version of Halloween Horror Nights will run for 31 select nights between Sept. 15 and Oct. 31. Individual event tickets are not yet for sale, although Universal has posted a hotel-ticket combo deal. For more information, go to

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