Universal sets grand-opening date for Transformers ride

Universal Orlando announced the grand-opening date for its Transformers: The Ride -- 3D in a big way Thursday. The new attraction will open to guests on June 20, according to signage on the side of a downtown Orlando office tower.

On Wednesday, a Universal promotion showed an 80-foot Transformers figure that had "crashed" into the side of the building, visible to commuters on Interstate 4. Early Thursday morning, "Prepare for Battle -- June 20" was added to the display.

Universal also launched a Facebook site that allows the public to "Join the Resistance." Users can create a NEST ID, see videos from the ride and eventually win prizes, including a trip to next month's grand opening. Click here to Join the Resistance of Transformers: The Ride -- 3D at Universal Studios

The ride, an amped-up, action-packed motion simulator based on a movie series, has been  under construction in the middle of Universal Studios, near Mel's Drive-In and facing the park's central lagoon.

The attraction has been completed at a record pace, Universal officials have said. Work began on the site last summer.

The attraction is a fraternal twin of Transformers rides in operation at Universal Studios Singapore and Universal Studios Hollywood, where it opened last May.

A Los Angeles Times review of the ride in California praised its intensity and called it one of the top theme-park rides in the world.

"Just like a wham-bam-crash-boom popcorn movie, the loud and chaotic Transformers ride delivers so much fast-paced, nonstop action that there's no time to think," it said. "You're completely absorbed as you careen from scene to scene in a five-minute journey that never takes its foot off the nitro-powered gas pedal."


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