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Colorful characters play key roles in Disney's new parade

Magic Kingdom's Festival of Fantasy features a slew of well-known characters, from princesses to Pinocchio. But a good portion of the color and kinetic energy of the parade comes from supporting players not seen in Disney movies.

I chatted with senior show director Randy Wojcik about a selection of them this week.

•The "cha-cha bingo girls" wear red-and-white skirts that are built like circus tents. Their costumes have a natural bounce that goes with the music, and the dancers are making the most of tilt-and-flip action.

"There's such playful kinetic movement on the skirts with the ribbons the minute they do the turn," Wojcik says. "It's just a really fun celebratory vibe for the finale."

•The "dragon tail carrier" brings up the rear, if you will, but he still has moves. Those performers are "a punctuation mark to that particular unit — just bringing the tail to life and helping the creature truly have breath out there," Wojcik says.

•The "pegasus girls" are perched on swings, circling high above the finale float. "I call them our little Disney Ziegfeld girls," he says.

•Dopey and Sneezy are not strangers to Disney World parades, but in Festival of Fantasy, Dopey now sits atop the shoulders of Sneezy. Not to spoil the magic, but the parade requires only six people to cast seven dwarfs in this configuration. More important, it represents a scene from "Snow White" in which the future princess dances with the doubled-up duo.

"We're the first domestic park to debut those two dwarfs in that fashion," Wojcik says.

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