Disney Fantasy: Romp through Europa

An easy-to-spot difference between the Disney Fantasy cruise ship and its older sister Disney Dream is in the nightclub areas. The floor plans for the areas are practically identical, but the Fantasy's adult-entertainment district, called Europa, has a more unifying theme or backstory: Spend a night in Europe.

Here's a quick look at the different sections of Europa.

•La Piazza doubles as Europa's entrance and lounge. Its centerpiece is a circular bar designed to look like an Italian carousel. (The saddle-inspired bar stools DO move. I was so wrapped up in theming that I had assumed they were bolted into place.) There are intimate booths along the outside of the room, a Vespa and a live-performance area. This room grew on me, primarily because a perch at the circular bar provides a great view of all those there and everyone entering Europa.

•To the right is O'Gills, which is thoroughly an Irish pub, right now to the wodden high-top tables and shamrock details. It was pretty boisterous in there, but yet didn't feel as sports-bar-ish as its Dream counterpart called 687.

•The back door of O'Gills leads to Skyline, a carry-over from Disney Dream, but with some alterations. It's slightly larger and the "windows to the world" have additional cityscapes, all based in Europe. The scenery changes every 12 minutes or so, signaled by Disney's familiar pixie-dust sound effect. I appreciated the extra elbow and didn't feel as cramped as in the Dream version.

•Ooh La La is a champagne bar that's designed to look like a French boudoir. The bubbly feature behind the bar is fun to watch when the ship is in motion. And it's not as pink as Pink, it's counterpart on the Dream.

•The Fantasy's dance club is The Tube, elaborately themed to the London subway system. It's a mod look, with booths that look like subway tickets, red telephone booths and carpeting that's a play on the famous subway-line map. It's not as chichi as Evolution, the butterfly-driven dance club on the Dream. But it occasionally breaks from the dancing to stage live performances — that's right, no lip-synching there.

Maybe the buzzed-about part of Europa isn't a club at all. When there, you must visit the bathrooms, whether nature has called or not. Inside the curvy cubicles are rich Spanish tile mosaics, representing matadors and flamenco dancers. Believe it or not, these were hot photo ops on our preview cruise. Find someone of the opposite sex to run interference for you so you can see them all.

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