Universal Studios Japan attraction targets 'Resident Evil' zombies

A real-world version of the "Resident Evil" video game coming to Universal Studios Japan this summer will arm theme park visitors with a gun and a limited amount of ammunition in a fierce battle against attacking zombie hordes.

Scheduled to debut on July 19, the new "Resident Evil: The Real" walk-through attraction at the Osaka movie theme park will let visitors step inside a lifelike re-creation of the survival horror video game series and film franchise, known as "Biohazard" in Japan. The summertime-only attraction is expected to close Nov. 10.

Located inside the park's Palace Theater, the 5- to 10-minute walk-through attraction will feature costumed actors portraying zombies and monsters along with lighting, sound and special effects.

Once inside the attraction, visitors will use realistic 25-ounce handguns similar to practice weapons employed in police and military training ranges to "shoot" zombies unleashed by the evil Umbrella Corporation.

Those brave enough to experience the attraction are expected to have "zero percent" chance of surviving the undead onslaught before running out of ammo or succumbing to the multiplying monstrosities. Visitors will wear a "contagion meter" that measures their viral infection level.

Costumes for the Licker mutants and Tyrant super soldiers in the new "Resident Evil" attraction were designed by creature effects artist Shinichi Wakasa, who created Godzilla suits for a string of Japanese movies over the past two decades.

Last October, Universal Studios Japan built an elaborate "Resident Evil" scare zone for Halloween Horror Nights that turned the New York area of the park into a live-action replica of the Capcom video game's Raccoon City.

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