Las Vegas: Slackliner to attempt world record at Mandalay Bay

Daredevil slackliner Andy Lewis will attempt to set a world record Oct. 16 as he balances himself on a loose stretch of rope atop a Las Vegas Strip hotel.

Super Bowl fans will remember Lewis from his 2012 halftime stunt. A couple of months later, he successfully walked across 280 feet of rope stretched between two rock formations 800 feet above ground near Moab, Utah.

In Sin City, Lewis will showcase his fancy footwork along a 360-foot-long stretch of slackline rigged atop Mandalay Bay, 480 feet above Las Vegas Boulevard. If successful, the feat would be the longest urban highline walk.

The unusual performance gets underway at 2 p.m. Spectators will be able to watch from a spot near the resort’s main valet parking entrance.

Lewis won’t be alone atop the tower. Three top professional slackliners -- Gabriel Amaral, Hayden Nickell and Mickey Wilson -- will simultaneously perform tricks on individual slacklines.

The relatively new sport -- similar to a circus high-wire act, although the rope isn’t taut -- will be showcased the following afternoon during the World Slackline Federation Slackline World Cup Finals in the resort’s Michael Jackson One Theatre.

Thursday’s competition runs from 1 to 5 p.m. Admission is free. However, online registration is required to attend.

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