Halloween Haunt 2011 runs for 27 nights at Knott's Berry Farm starting Sept. 23.

Halloween Haunt 2011 runs for 27 nights at Knott's Berry Farm starting Sept. 23. (Knott's)

Knott's Berry Farm will add three new mazes and a new scare zone for Halloween Haunt 2011, according to theme park officials.

Photos: View concept art of all 13 mazes and four scare zones for Halloween Haunt 2011

The 39th annual Knott’s Scary Farm will start Sept. 23 and run for 27 nights.

Knott's Berry Farm Halloween Haunt
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The granddaddy of Halloween events will feature 13 mazes and four scare zones scattered throughout the Buena Park theme park.

New Knott's mazes for 2011:

> Invasion  Beneath – The military battles against creatures emerging from a fissure in the Earth's core. Replaces the perfectly themed Black Widow's Cavern (Calico Mine Ride).

> Endgames: Warriors of the Apocalypse – A post-apocalyptic arena where gladiators battle to the death for the entertainment of the rich and powerful. Replaces the pointless and endless Labyrinth (In Camp Snoopy at the former Peanuts Playhouse location).

> Delirium – A wasteland along the blurry line between nightmare and insanity. Replaces the mediocre Club Blood vampire maze (Ghostrider warehouse).

Reviews of returning mazes (with debut dates):

The Best
> Virus Z (2010) -- Replicates a small town overrun by infected cannibals, zombies and blood-thirsty corpses. Good scares, a great soundtrack and the best theming I've ever seen in a Knott's maze. (Fiesta Plaza)

> Terror of London (2009) -- Featuring Jack the Ripper and Dr. Jekyll. Great scenery, a solid back story and plenty of atmospheric talent even if the overall result isn't that scary. (Mystery Lodge)

> Uncle Bobo’s Big Top of the Bizarre in 3-D (2009) – Clowns run amok in a vaudevillian setting. Mercifully light on 3-D effects and heavy on startle scares with a high energy level. (Under Xcelerator)

> Doll Factory (2007) – A psychotic killer's museum of death and disfigurement. By far the best bang for the buck on my 2010 visit, with the monsters scaring me eight straight times at one point in the maze. (Wilderness Dance Hall)

> Fallout Shelter (2010) -- Where the insane residents haven’t seen the sun since the Atomic Age. Well themed but virtually no 3-D effects and light on scares. (Near Reflection Lake)

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