The Mammoth water coaster debuting at Holiday World in 2012.

The Mammoth water coaster debuting at Holiday World in 2012. (Holiday World)

Holiday World's new ride for next year is essentially the same ride the Indiana theme park added last year.

The $9-million Mammoth, destined to become the world's longest water coaster when it debuts in May, will unseat the previous title holder, Wildebeest, which Holiday World added in 2010. 

Confused? I had to do a double take when the ride was first unveiled Wednesday by the Santa Claus, Ind., theme park. I actually thought it was a joke.

But it's true. Come 2012, Holiday World's Splashin' Safari water park will be home to the two longest water coasters in the world.

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At 1,763 feet, Mammoth will be 53 feet longer than Wildebeest -- and 5 feet taller.  

Both of the ProSlide-built water coasters employ conveyor belts to ascend a lift hill before magnetic linear induction motors take over, propelling inflated rafts over inclines, around turns and through tunnels. 

The round, six-person Mammoth boats will spin as they descend the water coaster with riders seated facing inward. The toboggan-style Wildebeest boats seat four.  

This will be the third year in a row Holiday World has focused on its Splashin' Safari water park. This summer the park added Safari Sam’s SplashLand, a children's water play area with eight kiddie slides and a zero-depth pool.