Looking to navigate the region? Here are some tips and tricks on being street smart in Hampton Roads.

Summer backups

Traffic backups are common during the summer on eastbound Interstate 64 at the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel. If you're heading to the beach or the Outer Banks, use the Monitor-Merrimac.

Beach-bound traffic jams are as much a summer tradition around here as fireworks and backyard barbecues.

Street Smart tip:

VDOT recommends the following route for reaching South Hampton Roads via the James River Bridge: If you're traveling east on I-64, take the Mercury Boulevard Exit 263 and cross the bridge. Continue on Route 17 to the I-664 interchange in Suffolk.


Yes, we get them. When the state pushes to fill potholes, repair aging roadways and bridges and widen thoroughfares, the region has work zones with unfamiliar traffic patterns. "Be alert and eliminate all distractions," according to police and the state transportation department.

Speeding in a work zone can net a fine of up to $500.

Street Smart tips:

•Stay alert, pay close attention, turn on headlights for greater visibility.

•Don't tailgate or speed, follow posted signs, keep up with traffic flow.

•Don't change lanes.

•Minimize distractions including those associated with mobile technology like phones, expect the unexpected and — perhaps most of all — be patient.

Regional navigation

Get the real-time info you need at http://www.va511.org or by calling 511 or the Traffic Information Line at 757-361-3016. Highway Advisory Radio 1680 AM also provides up-to-date traffic information.

Street Smart tips:

•Sign up for free mobile traffic alerts. Text TRAFFIC to 71593.

•Post traffic videos at eyewitness.dailypress.com

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