Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the first destination on the itinerary for Mauiva AirCruise's All-American East Experience. (

"Using our companies unique posturing...we have created an innovative experience that is a first in my opinion in the industry," Argov said.

Lauren Volcheff, vice president of marketing for Travel Holdings, Inc. added there are some benefits to the air cruise over regular cruise itineraries.

"The best thing about our pricing is it is flat," Volcheff said. "So if you want to plan a Christmas trip or a New Year's Eve trip, those dates are the same price as if you were to leave in the middle of October"

And while a cruise ship is thousands competing for space and attention, Volcheff points out the air cruise with no more than 30 passengers on board is a more personal experience.

"We really want to maintain the intimate feel of this trip so that it's still a really great vacation and every guest can get equal attention from the travel host," she said.

While the first two Mauiva itineraries have been a more adventurous pace, Volcheff said the Caribbean plans, which Mauiva is calling the "Sun and Sea Experience," will be different.

"This one's going to have a much different feel where it's going to be -- really relaxed," she said. "It's going to be more full-day experiences than multiple attractions in each destination."

It's worth mentioning that the Caribbean plans will be all-inclusive whereas the East Coast and West Coast trips don't include lunch. Alcohol is not included in any of the itineraries.

In the three nights in Cancun, the company plans to include a visit the nearby Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza and opportunities for day-long outdoor adventures for snorkeling, ziplining and kayaking. The company is also looking at staying at an all-inclusive resort so that people can actually enjoy a full day at the resort with all the amenities, Volcheff said.

In the two nights in the Bahamas, Volcheff said they are looking to do a day pass to the Atlantis resort on the first day followed by a city tour of the Bahamas before returning to Orlando.

The flights will leave from Orlando Executive Airport and details will be rolled out in early January. Those interested in booking can sign up now on to be among the first to book the trips when they get nailed down.

The price point is pretty vague at the moment. Volcheff said it could run between the $1,200 to $1,800 per person based on double occupancy, although for Florida residents, she said there may be some special pricing for this itinerary.

"We really believe this is the future of vacationing," she said. "It's an amazing way to see so many destinations at a really affordable price and within a relatively short amount of time so you are really maximizing your vacation experience." or 407-420-5134.