Indoor Go Karting In Wallingford

Jim Altman and Mike Piskorski


4:52 PM EST, January 7, 2010



No matter the obstacles, expect the green light at "On-Track Karting" in Wallingford where getting your swerve on is simple. Chris Tyrrel, a former airline pilot, now works in the pits, he opened On-Track just over 3 years ago and things have been in high gear ever since. "It's a blast, the karts are 40 mile an hour adult karts, we have karts for juniors and adults, Juniors can race from 8-15 years old, those karts do 22-25 mph," Tyrrel said. Pushing pedal to metal is easy when you strap into a French made "Sodi" car. Tyrrel added, "People tend to think of go-carting as little putt-putt things, you don't wear a helmet, you go slow, you're bumping into your friends, that kind of thing. This is way different, this is high performance, you'll pull 1 1/2 G's in the corners when you're running fast, you really get a motorsports experience at this!"

The Wallingford track, which was recently remodeled, is 63,000 square feet and there is competition at every turn. Christine Iwerks, from Meriden said, "you definitely have to use your abs and your hands and your arms and you know going around the corners and it was really fun, like nothing I've done before." "This is definitely different than the Berlin Turnpike type experience, you know they go 40 mph and it can be very competitive," added kart racing enthusiast Andre Normandin. And, at least while you're racing at On Track, they say it puts the brakes on the stresses outside, "you know you're all tense and you come here, you do a couple races, and you got a big smile on your face and you're happy after that -- it's a great experience," Tyrrel said.

The course is open every day to racers 8 and up. Kids under 18 need their parents to sign a waiver. For more information go to ontrackkarting.com