Military Museum of Southern New England

Jim Altman and Mike Piskorski

Fox 61

November 5, 2009


Fortified with Iron, perhaps, more than any other attraction, Danbury is home to the Military Museum of Southern New England. Just off Park Avenue, the camouflage kind of of stands out here, it's billed as the largest private collection of military vehicles in the Northeast. Sam Johnson the Executive Director said, "its all been assembled since 1985, we started collecting these pieces, it's a real collection of rare pieces that, in many cases, we have one of a kind items." The lot, next to an auto body shop, boasts 30 pieces of military hardware from around the world, and legendary conflicts. John Valluzzo, the museum's founder said, "a lot of it is World War 2, we've gone into Korea, we've got Vietnam."

At the end of each month the Military Museum holds "Open Turret Days", a chance to climb on and inside the tanks which include a Buick built M-18, a Sheridan, and a Centurion Tank -- much of the collection still runs. On the inside, the fighting spirit is alive in their small museum, Johnson said "we have life size dioramas built around original pieces to show people what it was like when they were actually over there in that historical setting." Johnson added that its always a good time to visit the Military Museum, but Veterans Day makes the trip that much more special, "here you get to touch it and feel it and witness history."

The Military Museum of Southern New England is open everyday except for Monday (through the end of the year). Adult admission is $6, Kids are $4...For more information click here www.usmilitarymuseum.org