Cost: Cabin pets, $80 each way. As checked baggage, $100 each way.

Limit: See above.

Maximum pets per flight: Seven.

Booking your pet: Call reservations in advance, (800) 433-7300.

Carrier restrictions: Soft-sided carriers OK, as long as they are made of nylon and have ventilation. Can't weigh more than 20 pounds.

Carrier availability: None.

Special restrictions: Check with reservations agent for hot and cold temperature restrictions. Will refuse animals exhibiting aggressive behavior. Special restrictions for travel to Hawaii.

Perks: None.


Pets in cabin: Cats, dogs, rabbits and small birds.

Pets checked as luggage: Not allowed. But the airline's PetSafe cargo program accommodates all sizes of kennels for pets weighing up to 250 pounds. Call the 24-hour live-animal desk at (800) 575-3335. You can also track your animal's journey online through the PetSafe program at

Cost: $95 each way in the cabin. Check for cargo rates.

Limit: One pet per traveler.

Weight: No limit, but pets must be in a carrier that can fit under the seat.

Maximum pets per flight: Four pets in economy class and one in first class. (No pets in the BusinessFirst cabins. )

Booking your pet: For in-cabin pets, book online or call Continental reservations, (800) 525-0280.

Carrier restrictions: The carrier must fit under the seat.

Carrier availability: In-cabin pet kennels are available at some airports for $55.

Special restrictions: No pets in the cabin to and from Hawaii. No American pit bulls anywhere, unless they are puppies ages 8 weeks to 6 months and don't weigh more than 20 pounds. Also, no pets are shipped if they have been sedated. This is due to a recommendation from the American Veterinary Medical Assn.

Perks: The airline has one of the industry's most extensive programs for pets. Continental also operates a kennel in its cargo area at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, the nation's only such facility. Overnight kenneling and grooming services are available. The airline also provides personal handling in climate-controlled vehicles for connections between flights when temperatures rise. Your pet can also earn frequent-flier miles.