Allegra Farm

Romantics And History Lovers Alike Will Fall For Allegra Farm.

Step in to the past at Allegra Farm, the Horse Drawn Carriage and Sleigh Museum of New England, offering full time carriage service, authentic to the 19th century style.

The Hartford Courant

January 21, 2009


We've seen them on television and in the movies, whisking the hero and heroine off into the sunset.

Victorian era horse-drawn carriages are the specialty at Allegra Farm, in East Haddam, Connecticut on Lake Hayward.

Perfect for romantic celebrations such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, proms, proposals, birthdays, and so on, Allegra Farm offers a truly authentic experience in old-world etiquette.

In the long New England winter, a sleigh ride through the snow would make even the coldest Scrooge smile.

Country hay rides, a good way to show off the New England country side to visiting relatives, are also available, preferably in the warmer months.

Even a solemn occasion can be honored with Horse Drawn Funerals, a beautiful service to a loved one's memory.

For information, call John Allegra:

Phone: 860-680-5149

Fax: 860-537-8861