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Daytrippers: Radio Controlled Cars


The massive amount of snow on the ground is causing parents to look to indoor activities to entertain their families. Don't forget about Radio Control Hobbies and Raceway in Waterbury, a unique place for kids and adults alike. The mini-track is located inside a 7000 square foot building and measures 75 by 40 feet wide. It is covered in 300 yards of hard packed, screened topsoil which makes the twisty dirt road extremely fast for the small vehicles. These "indoor electric off-road" cars routinely soar over jumps and crash into walls!

Co-Owner Mark Westerfield designed this impressive layout. He has loved racing remote control cars since he was a boy. "It's an adrenaline rush," says Westerfield. He opened this facility about three years ago.

Westerfield believes racing radio control cars is a really positive activity for kids. "You can't get into trouble here," he says. "There's no drinking, drugs. You are playing with toy cars and eating pizza!" He says this hobby encourages kids to learn mechanical skills, good sportsmanship and coordination. "I like it," says 5 year old Michael Puma. "My Dad taught me!"

It costs about $350 dollars to get into the hobby, but once you've invested in a car, the rates to practice and race are fairly low.

Westerfield grins: "You're playing with toy cars! What could be better?"

Visitors can rent a medium sized r.c. car for $30.00/day on a race day and $20.00/day any other time. If you own a car, it costs $10.00 to practice on a non-race night and $15.00 to participate in a race. There is an on-site hobby shop and pit tables. Races take place Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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