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Circus Warehouse


In the carnival atmosphere that is New York, hidden in an industrial neighborhood in Long Island City, Queens there is unassuming building that could be called center ring. It's a new venture called "Circus Warehouse", the high flying idea of actress and circus pro Suzi Winson. "It's sort of the next dimension in a way, Winson told us. "We have a recreational program where you can learn all of these things, so people can come off the street and say "I want to try this, I want to try the flying trapeze" and we'll put them in a safety belt and we'll fly them."

The soaring popularity of the Cirque Du Soleil franchise has spawned interest in disciplines like the "Silks". Krista Marie Jackson from Woodbridge is at Circus Warehouse full time, hoping to make a career from maneuvering the elegant cloths. For Jackson says learning the silks have literally taken her circus experience to the next level, "It's exhilarating, it's exciting, there's always something new. It's just dangerous enough to get your adrenaline pumping but just safe enough that you can always trust you'll catch yourself," she said.

Trapeze, Hoops, and Trampoline are all taught at Circus Warehouse and a 40 foot ceiling helps students reach their lofty goals-- the place was in full swing on the Wednesday we visited. Jessie Kirkwood was a Pre-Med student in college and has decided to run off and, well, join the circus, "there is the physical discipline, the mental discipline, it really gets you on all fronts," she said. Perched 20 feet in the air, secured in a Silk, Jackson added, " it's a good life experience and it's a good personal experience because you'll do something you never thought you would."

The Circus Warehouse offers beginner and open level classes at various times throughout the week, to find out schedule and pricing information go to . It takes some acrobatics just to find the place (our GPS got confused) which is located at 53-21 Vernon Blvd, in Long Island City, Queens.

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