Zoar Outdoor White Water Rafting


Where is inflation welcome? Trouble waters needed? And rapid decline expected? Charlemont, Massachusetts. This is the long time home of Zoar Outdoor, a white water rafting tour company situated on the Deerfield River. Literally selling us down the river was Brian Pytko, who is Zoar's Rafting Manager. "We have everything you need, we provide you with your life jacket and your helmets," Pytko said. We went on the beginners trip which travels a ten mile stretch of the Deerfield on class 2 and 3 rapids.

The excursion provided an excellent workout and the paddle power paid off about half way into the trip -- the adrenaline flows as fast as the rapids when you hit the "Zoar Gap" -- a raucous quarter mile rush of white water and the best part of the trip. Pytko said, "it's so much more that just and amusement park ride because you are out there doing it yourself... you have control of the boat and you provide the power for your own adventure when you're out here rafting. The facial expressions are just priceless!"

"Shooting the Gap", as it's called, ranked high with the rafters. Brandon Luna, from Manchester said, "I thought it was amazing, I fell in twice but besides that it was a good time!". The group agreed, the key to the adventure is about 8 parts water and 2 parts guts. Pytko added, "we want people to come here and have a good time, have as much fun as they can and enjoy the water, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the Berkshire Mountains."

Zoar Outdoor is located at 7 Main St. in Charlemont, Mass. Raft trips vary in price depending on which trip you take but range from $56 to $100 dollars. Zoar also offers an advanced trip on "class 4" rapids. For more information go to

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