Jog New London


Typically, every week, I spend some time googling around the web, researching ideas for possible "DayTrippers" segments. During one of these sessions, I stumbled across a very cool site called "" It lists about a dozen jogging routes throughout the coastal city.

These routes pass histroic and scenic's an attempt to make jogging interesting and fun...maybe even a learning a experience. Hmmm, I thought. Kind of a neat concept for "DayTrippers"....we often sightsee from ferry boats, cars and bikes. But, how 'bout sightseeing while jogging? Kind of unique.

An independent web designer named Abi Cushman founded the web site when she was training for her first marathon. The 29 year old had gotten bored with her regular running routes, so she decided to mix it up and visit gorgeous spots like Niantic's Black Rock section. Then, she thought, "Why not share my finds?" She established the web site and has pretty good traffic. She often receives emails from out-of-towners, looking for her suggestions.

Photographer Mike and I met Abi and her boyfriend near Pequot Avenue in New London. I jog occasionally....but, I must admit, I was a little nervous about keeping up with a marathon runner! We embarked on our "road trip"...passing Monte Cristo cottage which was Eugene O'Neil's summer house. Then, we saw New London Harbor Light, a tall, white stately structure which is one of the oldest lighthouses in America. All the while, the water was off to our left. We saw several Long Island Ferries, some beautiful birds and kayakers. We could also see the New London Ledge Lighthouse out in the distance. It's an amazing lighthouse that really looks like a colonial home sitting out in the middle of the Thames River. Mike and I Daytripped there a few years ago and took a spooky tour. VERY cool.

At one point, Abi said, "You definitely get a different perspective than if you were driving your car." And she's right. We could smell the beach plums and hear the ferry's horn. The whole experience was fun, educational and, yes, healthy!

So, get out there! Channel a bit of Forrest Gump's energy and experience your surroundings while running!

Abi said it best: "It's definitely about making exercising fun and getting out in our community."

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