JetBlue offers speedy trip for "Bills" at BWI

JetBlue Airways is giving a little lift to the federal government shutdown with a plan to "Keep Bills Moving" in Washington.

The airline is offering to give fliers with the name "Bill" a faster trip through security at airports in Baltimore, Washington and Virginia.

JetBlue passengers who have "Bill" - or any version of it - on their official identification will receive Ever More Speed passes that will usher them to the "quickest possible lane" for security screening.

"Whatever our personal politics are, we'd all like to see good legislation moving through Washington," said Marty St. George, senior vice president marketing and commercial strategy for JetBlue. "JetBlue is doing our part to keep 'Bills' moving by offering them an Even More Speed pass through security. And because we're not picky we'll take any 'Bill' – Bill, Billy, William, Willa, Billie – heck, we'll even offer it to Guillermos and Willems!"

To get your pass, customers named "Bill" must present government-issued ID and a boarding pass at the JetBlue ticket counter. All parties traveling on the same reservation with "Bill" will also receive speed passes.

The promotion continues at BWI-Marshall, Reagan National and Dulles International airports through Oct. 31.






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