TV Gal Runs the New Season Numbers
Let's take a look at the new season by the numbers:

One Friend: Matthew Perry on "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip"

One Friend of a Friend: Andrea Anders on "The Class"

Three FOJW (Friends of Joss Whedon): Leonard Roberts on "Heroes" (Forrest Gates in "Buffy"), Gina Torres on "Standoff" (Jasmine on "Angel" and Zoe on "Firefly") and Adam Baldwin on "Day Break" (Marcus on "Angel" and Jayne on "Firefly")

One Formerly Evil Mastermind: Ron Rifkin on "Brothers & Sisters"

One (Four) King: Josh Cooke on "Big Day"

One (Beauty) Queen: Vanessa Williams on "Ugly Betty"

Two Jacks: Victor Garber on "Justice" and Kerr Smith on "Justice" (alas no Aces)

One Enemy of Jack Bauer: Shoreh Aghdashaloo on "Smith"

Three Love Interests of Jack Bauer: Kim Raver on "The Nine," Connie Britton on "Friday Night Lights" and Leslie Hope on "Runaway"

Two Sets of TV Siblings: Rachel Griffiths on "Brothers & Sisters" and Jeremy Sisto on "Kidnapped" (Brenda and Billy Chenoweth on "Six Feet Under") and Tim Daly on "The Nine" and Steven Weber on "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" (Joe and Brian Hackett on "Wings")

Five Movie Stars: James Woods on "Shark," Sally Field on "Brothers & Sisters," Ray Liotta on "Smith," Timothy Hutton on "Kidnapped" and Adam Baldwin on "30 Rock"

Six If-you-Didn't-Succeed-Last-Season-Try-Try-Again: Josh Cooke on "Big Day" (and "Four Kings" last season), Marla Sokoloff on "Big Day" (and "Modern Men"), Sofia Vergara on "The Knights of Prosperity" (and "Hot Properties") and Owain Yeoman on "The Nine" (and "Kitchen Confidential"), Vanessa Williams on "Ugly Betty" (and "South Beach"), Milo Ventimiglia on "Heroes" (and "The Bedford Diaries")

What by the numbers trends have you noticed this season? Email me and I'll include them in my column next week.


Serialized dramas are all the rage this season. You know how TV works, suddenly everything old is new again. That makes the new FOX drama "Justice" (premiering Wednesday at 9 p.m.) one of the few procedural shows. You can always count on Jerry Bruckheimer. And "Justice" puts a new snazzy spin on a hackneyed format and, what do you know, it works. Kerr Smith is all grown up (I feel so proud) as cute, caring and cutthroat lawyer Tom Nicholson. Victor Garber brings that same devious twinkle in his eye as not exactly jury friendly Ron Trott and one of my favorite actors Eamonn Walker (who I loved last season on "ER") is brilliant lawyer Victor Graves. The entire episode is capped off by showing what really happened and whether the law firm of Trott, Nicholson, Tuller & Graves was defending a guilty or innocent client. "Justice" is FOX's best new show -- faint praise this season -- but I like it and I'm giving it three and a half stars. To check out my ratings system, read my column from last week.

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Best: "The Nine" (Oct. 4)