I completely blew the guess on this week's Vanity Shot.

We ask you to send us a shot of any vanity plate you see. Our first email submission was of a plate that read BIGDRUM, and while the picture arrived with no text, it arrived through a cell phone.  Seeling to give credit to our kind and alert viewers, I called the cell number and left a message asking for the name of the submitter and any theories as to the story behind BIGDRUM. The answering message on the cell phone said it was Roger Bongo.

That was last Thursday (2/26).

By the time I left the newsroom on Friday, I had not heard back. I checked voicemail first thing this morning, and still nothing. All I had was a name I heard on the voicemail message. And I wasn't sure I had gotten it right.

Now, watch the video, and you will see me appear to figure it all out on the air.

As the recently deceased Paul Harvey said thirty thousand times, the rrrrrrest of the story.

I finally got a chance to see the email response from Roger. I hadn't looked for an email response. It turns out, the vanity plate was not snapped by Roger Bongo, but Roger Bonga:

"Rob, my last name for the *big drum* shot is Bonga . . I couldnt see why they had big drum. Maybe he played in a band. Anyway just seen it:)"

In other words, Roger's last name is not connected to the plate at all. It wasn't even his car. He had no clue as to the meaning behind BIGDRUM.

And now, MORE of the rrrrrest of the story . . .

Jon Shaner, while talking to me on the air, KNEW this!! He had seen the email, he knew Roger Bonga had nothing to do with the license plate. And he was trying to lead me on the air in the right direction.

He tried to save me from humiliation.

A kind man.

He must not know that a man set on humiliating himself ... cannot be saved.

By the way, Roger, thanks for BIGDRUM.