The City of Indianapolis is cracking down on predatory towing practices.Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard is getting behind the growing momentum to take on towing and better regulate towing companies.

Mayor Ballard will announce an effort to create an ordinance to stop predatory towing Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. The mayor will ask for public input for this ordinance.

Fox59 News has found out that the proposal is looking to do the following:
  • cap rates
  • prohibit kick backs
  • require 24-hour pay lots
  • require detailed receipts

The ordinance will go in front of the Indianapolis City Council for debate in June.

In early May, Fox59 News first exposed some of those towing companies that could be breaking the law. Our investigation uncovered towing after businesses closed and cars being taken to in-between lots close to the site the trucks were trying to clear.

Mark Wolfe with the Broad Ripple Village Association said it is good to see things being done quickly.

"There's too much at stake for it not to be taken care of quickly,” he said.

Wolfe said the quick action is thanks in large part to the amount of publicity the problem has gotten and the number of complaints that have been filed.

Indianapolis leaders have been studying other city towing ordinances to try to find the best way to troubleshoot this problem. They've been looking at cities like New York City and Philadelphia that have low levels of complaints about towing.