Sugarland shares special message, song to honor State Fair victims

Sugarland shared a special message and song to honor State Fair victims at their concert in Albuquerque Thursday.

Indianapolis, Ind.

Before starting their concert in Albuquerque, New Mexico Thursday, Sugarland dedicated a special message and song to the people impacted by the deadly stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair.

It was a short message, but Sugarland's dedication made an immediate impact on Hoosiers watching from more than 1,200 miles away.

"It felt almost personal," said Amanda King, a long time Sugarland fan who was at the concert at the state fairgrounds on Saturday. "Like she was talking almost directly to the people who were affected."

Amanda and her fiance Travis Britton were so excited to be at Saturday's concert that they sent a photo to friends and family as soon as they found their seats in third row. Hours later the top of the stage came crashing down in the row in front of them.

"It's not the same as if you were there and actually saw it," Travis said. "I mean, seeing it over and over again, you just still can't believe it happened."

"They don't ever go away… the screams," Amanda said. "I've woken up every night and I just can't breathe because I just keep hearing them over and over."

On this night those screams gave way to a song. Jennifer Nettles sang an acoustic version of the song 'Love' dedicated to those impacted by the tragedy.

"I think they showed that tonight that they care more than we can possibly know," Travis said.

Though the tears will likely keep coming for Amanda, the long distance dedication helped a long time fan reconnect to the music she'd avoided listening to since the tragedy.

"That was the first time and it was really hard because when I think of them I think of all the happy memories that I have and now I just have fear and sadness," Amanda said. "It was hard, but it makes it a little easier to go on."


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