Speedway High School alerts parents of two intruders Thursday

In an automated call sent to parents, Hull stated the intruders confronted and hit another Speedway High School student.


Officers patrolled Speedway High School Friday after two males entered the high school Thursday and apparently hit a Speedway student.  

Speedway Schools Superintendent Kenneth Hull told Fox59 a male and female, both students of Speedway High School, got into a confrontation Thursday morning.  The superintendent said the girl contacted her boyfriend, who is not a student of the school, and told him to come to the school and confront the boy.

The superintendent said the female student let her boyfriend and another male in as school was dismissing around 3:20 p.m.

In an automated call sent to parents, Hull stated the intruders confronted and hit another Speedway High School student.  Hull said the suspects fled once school officials came to the scene.  Two other students were injured as the suspects fled from the school.  It is unclear how these students were injured.

Hull said the school’s principal and some students chased the two males.  One was apprehended but the other suspect got away. Hull said some students reported the males possessed firearms.  The superintendent said the students did the correct thing by ceasing the chase as soon as they saw the alleged firearms.

The school contacted the Speedway Police Department, who was able to apprehend the other suspect, according to the automated call.   

Hull stated an officer would be present at the school all day Friday and during school events Saturday.  

The following is the full transcript of the superintendent’s call to parents Thursday:

“Dear Speedway Parents,

This is Speedway Schools Superintendent Kenneth Hull calling to share important information with you on Thursday, November 17, 2011 at 5:30 p.m.
Immediately after dismissing school, two males with the alleged assistance of a student entered our high school building through locked doors and confronted, and hit, a Speedway High School student.  As school personnel approached and confronted these males, the males fled the building and injured two additional students during their exit.  Several people, including faculty and staff followed these students while other adults contacted local law enforcement officials.  Officers of the Speedway Police Department responded and apprehended the two males within the hour and it is our understanding the males have been detained.  It was reported the males possessed firearms, but as of this message members of the police department have not located weapons – officers continue to search the area for weapons.
To insure security and safety, a police officer shall be present before, during, and after the school musical performance this evening and Saturday evening.  Officers will also be present on the campus before school, during school, and after school on Friday.
Speedway High School students responded well during this incident.  They did not panic and offered important information when asked.  This information helped to identify the intruders.  If your daughter or son has information which would help the school and the police in the prosecution of these intruders, please share this information with the school administration. Goodbye.”

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