Richmond Hill residents face demolition deadline


Dozens of residents in Richmond Hill now face a Dec. 20 deadline or their homes many be demolished by Indianapolis Code Enforcement.

Many of the homes that were deemed structurally unsafe must be up to code by that date. Residents like Gary Jarnagin said their homes have gotten worse since deemed unsafe last week.

Jarnagin also said many residents are battling their insurance companies because they believe it won't be fixed properly.

"I think they are going to push to do the minimum amount and get by code enforcement to not do what's right to put the home back in the condition it should be and that in itself, if they don't make it like new it's gonna affect the resale value on it if we ever leave the house," said Jarnagin.

Jarnagin believes the home should be demolished and rebuilt because of the damage.

Indianapolis Code Enforcement officials tell residents that if they believe their home has gotten worse since its assessment, to call them and they will have a structural engineer come out and look at it again.

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