Indiana Senate passes statewide smoking ban

The Indiana Senate could vote to pass a statewide smoking ban. A joint House-Senate committee has reportedly reached a compromise.


Indiana is one step closer to having a statewide smoking ban in place, but it came after a long and difficult, back and forth battle.

"If the employee lives outside of the residence, the homeowner cannot smoke in his home anymore," said Senator Mike Delph.

"No, that is completely wrong," countered Senator Beverly Gard.

"It would appear to me this will certainly impede on our freedoms that most of us appreciate greatly," said Senator Jean Leising.

"It is all about freedom of employees to work in a workplace that will not kill them," said Senator Vi Simpson.

"Friends, that is plainly and simply wrong and I ask for your no vote on this bill," said Senator Delph.

"This is a good bill, when you consider the complexity of this issue," said Senator Ron Alting.

When the smoke cleared, the smoking ban bill passed the Senate by a mere six votes.  The author of the bill made it clear stiffer versions of the bill are ahead.

"We are going to get them there kicking and screaming to that realization that people that work in those places should come first," said Representative Charlie Brown.

The legislation will now head to Governor Daniels' desk.

If signed, smoking would be allowed in:
  • Bars
  • Casinos
  • Nonprofit private clubs and fraternal organizations (VFW Halls)
  • At-home businesses(not in business area)

Smoking would be banned:
  • Mental Health, Nursing Facilities
  • Charity gaming events (bingo games, churches)
  • In the workplace

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