Record Highs Again Possible Today

Heat wave continues through next week

More warmth and heat expected today with another good chance for record highs for Indiana.  Temperatures should reach into the 80s once again in Indianapolis and across the state.  This could be the third day in a row with highs in the 80s, and it really looks like we will continue to see 80 degree plus weather through early next week.

For yesterday, it was another day of breaking records.  Here’s a small list of records around the state and area…

Indianapolis:  80/79 1945

Fort Wayne:  81/75 1995

South Bend:  81/77 1945

Chicago, IL:  81/77 1945

Louisville, KY:  83/81 1977

There were records set all over the country yesterday due to the heat.  It looks like the records will continue to fall through the weekend and early next week as there will be no big change with regards to the weather.  In fact average highs for the day will likely go up through your weekend as another surge of heat comes in from the southwest.  Rain chances will continue especially during the afternoon and evening hours. 

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