Police: House inspector 'masterminds' Hendricks Co. theft ring

Danville, Ind.

Danville police arrested two men they said are behind the theft of approximately $1,500 dollars in appliances from at least one foreclosed home recently purchased by an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer.

Neighbors witnessed the apparent burglary and the large, white box truck which was loaded with appliances from the home.

The neighbors provided a description of the box truck to police, who began a day-long investigation where officers contacted the truck's owner.

That owner told police the truck had actually been taken to a repair shop and wasn't in his possession.

Police tracked down the truck and learned it taken from the repair shop by the shop owners' son, Nick King.

King apparently worked in connection with Steven Atkins, a contractual home inspector. In claims made to police, King was provided a key to the home by Atkins. King then allegedly used the truck to take the appliances from the home.

Police said Atkins made statements to an undercover officer that he has been conducting thefts like this since 2001. However, police have no conclusive evidence to support those claims.

During the arrests of King and Atkins, police found a large scale marijuana growing operation and firefighting gear from the Advance Fire Department.

Both King and Atkins are in custody at the Hendricks County Jail.

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