A Hamilton County Judge has sentenced 43-year-old Michael Parish to ten years in prison for trying to murder his wife with a landscaping rock.

Danette Parish was found with a bloody, massive head injury last September in her garage. Danette has moved with her four children to Michigan to be closer to her parents, but she returned to Noblesville for her husband's sentencing on Friday. Danette says she has mixed emotions about her husband going to jail.

"Like I said in my statement, I have to be strong for my four kids and I can't carry this hate around," said Danette as she stood outside the Hamilton County courtroom where her husband was sentenced.

Danette has said she forgives Michael for beating her. During sentencing, Michael turned to her and again apologized for his actions saying how wrong he was and what a wonderful wife she is. But, Danette's family doesn't buy it.

"I didn't hear remorse in his voice, I didn't see tears," said Dan Wood, Danette's father. "I don't think ten years is enough for what he did."

Danette's best friend Jen Wright has continued to stick by Danette's side. She traveled up from her home in Florida to stand with Danette during sentencing.

"I miss the old Mike, I don't know this person(Mike) but I will always stand by Danette and help take care of her."

Danette's father feels his daughter is suffering from classic battered wife syndrome. Despite his pleas to his daughter to break ties with Mike, she has continued to communicate with him from jail. Danette still has scars on her face from the beating. Her family says she is more emotional than she was before the attack, but they're thankful she's alive.