The FBI is gathering facts to determine whether to launch an investigation after a Pendleton man says a noose was placed on a clock at his former workplace.

In a phone interview with Fox 59's Tisha Lewis, Michael McKnight said, "It just stripped me of all my powers and everything; it was very dramatic at that particular point."

In a signed statement obtained by Fox59 News, McKnight says, "The rope was lying on the table.  It was yellow in color, had a very good length and width on it" as he described a supervisor showing him the noose.

The Elwood Police Department was called.

Madison County NAACP President James Burgess says the organization has forwarded the complaint to NAACP offices across the country.

"I circled the wagons and I solicited this to all those in the NAACP who can make decisions about what it is that they can have and touch the Washington people, the federal government and Attorney Holder," said Burgess.

The incident reportedly happened on August 30th at the General Cage facility in Elwood, Indiana.

According to the company's website, it manufactures wire cat and dog crates.

McKnight was reportedly the only African American employee.

"I've been talking to him all weekend.  One of the things that I didn't want him to do is get too frightened where he would feel that he would be intimidated by speaking to anyone," said Burgess.

According to McKnight, "I just want General Cage to be held accountable because it wasn't handled in the manner...there was no remorse as far as I'm concerned."

General Cage has declined to comment on the case in published reports and has not returned calls or emails seeking comment.