Kids are used to holding their noses in the dairy barn but this year there's something that they won't smell. The Monroe County fairgrounds are smoke free this year.

"I think it's really nice because last year there were a lot of people coming thru the dairy barn with a cigarette and they were smoking, but there's a lot of hay around here so the whole place can go up," said 12 year old Tad Carter.

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There are " No Smoking" signs throughout the fairgrounds, but you won't see anyone actually enforcing the new rule.

" So we're not chasing after people if we see them smoking but I do believe I've seen a decrease in smoking especially where there are areas of crowds of people," said State Representative Peggy Welch, a member of the Monroe County Fair Board.

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Some smokers say the don't mind the change in policy, but they would like to see some special accommodations.

"I just think when the taxpayers are paying for part of the premises and use that maybe we should have some designated areas for people who have to be here for long periods of time during the week," said fairgoer Debbie McNeal.