Mayor bets on Colts
Mayors bet food on Colts, Saints Super Bowl game.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard amd New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin have challenged each other to a friendly wager on the outcome of the Super Bowl.

If the COLTS win, Nagin will send Ballard CDs from several New Orleans-based musicians, Mardi Gras beads, a Mardi Gras treat called King Cake, beignets (which is a sugar donut dessert), along with other local foods.

If the SAINTS win, Ballard will send Nagin a package of our own local favorites: St. Elmo's shrimp cocktail, 10 dozen cookies from IndyAnna's Catering, a platter from Judges BBQ, and (by popular demand according to Ballard's office) two dozen tenderloins rfom Mug'N'Bun. "The Saints may come marching into Miami looking for a win," declared Mayor Ballard. "But it'll be the Indianapolis Colts who will get to hoist yet another Vince Lombardi trophy."

"I am extremely proud of the work the Saints have done this year to unify and excite our city," said Mayor Nagin.

"I wish the Colts a good, safe game, but I am confident that the "Who Dat" Nation will come home with a win."

In Indianapolis, Mayor Ballard has declared February 1-7 "Blue Week." The mayor is asking all of Indianapolis to support the team by dressing in blue, decorating their homes and businesses to show their Colts pride.