Manhunt continues for man accused of murdering ex-girlfriend's daughter

Lapel, Ind.

Police are still searching for a man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend's daughter.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office wants to find Roy Parmley, 53.  He is accused of murdering 31-year-old Amanda Wiles inside her home and while her mother was in the room.  Sheriff Ron Richardson said Parmley and Amanda’s mother had recently broken up.  He said Parmley walked into Amanda’s home, and shot her in the head.

“I don't know how parents, family could even begin to deal with the emotion that they're going through,” Sheriff Richardson said.

It has been nearly a week since Wiles was killed. White ribbons have been wrapped around posts in front of buildings in Lapel in her memory.

Detectives have searched for Parmley since the shooting happened, but have not found him.  Richardson said people have called tips into their department, stating they believe they had spotted Parmley in areas across Madison, Hamilton and Grant Counties.

“If he's out there, somewhere we want to bring him to justice,” Richardson said.

Richardson said they were told shortly after the shooting that Parmley said he was going to take his own life.  Detectives have created “WANTED” posters, with Parmley’s picture, urging people to call them if they have any information.

“We still consider him alive, armed, and dangerous until we can confirm otherwise,” Richardson said.

Richardson wants Parmley’s picture to be seen on a national level.  He said representatives from "America’s Most Wanted" have been in contact with him.  He said he hopes they will air this story. 

"We feel like if he's left the county or in another state that that's going to help us get his picture out there and hopefully bring him in,” Richardson said.

Parmley faces murder, burglary, and criminal confinement charges.

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