Manhunt after deadly shooting in Madison County

The Madison County Sheriff's Depart is searching for the suspect in a deadly shooting early Saturday morning.

Sheriff Ron Richardson says the shooting happened just before 2:30 a.m. in the area of CR 650W, just north of CR 100N, near Lapel.

The home belonged to the victim, Amanda Wiles.

Her mother, according to the sheriff, lived with the suspect, Roy Parmley, but moved back in with Amanda after an apparent breakup.

Parmley, 53, fled the scene after the shooting.  The SWAT team was brought to search for him. 

The Sheriff's department has checked the wooded areas near the shooting scene.

Police say Parmley and his girlfriend had just broken up. He's suspected of going to his ex-girlfriend's house and shooting one of her family members to death.

Police had closed CR W 100N between N CR 800W and N CR 650W. Three bloodhound teams were  brought in from Hamilton County to assist in the search.

The Sheriff confirmed both women were tied up, but would not give any other details.

Sheriff's deputies are still searching for the suspect.

Anyone with information in this case should contact the Madison County Sheriff's Department.