Man uses gun to save tow truck driver's life


As a tow truck driver lay pinned between a car and a metal wire, it was a passerby's quick thinking that saved his life.

Jamaryon Middlebrooks was driving along North Emerson on a Sunday night when a frantic person waved him off the side of the road. Middlebrooks found a chaotic scene, as the tow truck driver went unconscious and witnesses described him turning blue.

"He wasn't breathing. ... They felt a pulse but that was about it," Middlebrooks said.

Middlebrooks made a split-second decision, grabbing his handgun out of his truck and firing nine shots at the chain, eventually dislodging it. Bystanders rushed to help the driver.

"(A woman) opened his shirt and pushed on his chest, and he just took a deep breath and started breathing," Middlebrooks said.

That driver survived and is now in the process of a long recovery. Paramedics at the scene called Middlebrooks a hero for his actions and quick thinking.

"I don't see myself as a hero. I just figured hopefully someone would do that for me if I was in that situation," Middlebrooks said.

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